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Crediton Coffee Company

Specialty Coffee Roaster


Truly Great Coffee

We specialise in selling freshly roasted Specialty Coffee to homes, local businesses and trade customers in cafés, restaurants, hotels and delicatessens in Devon and the South West and customers throughout the UK and Europe.

People never forget experiencing Speciality Coffee at its very best. The unsurpassed flavour, character and variety is what we’re passionate about.


We’re committed to sharing our love of Speciality Coffee by roasting daily on our premises, so that it can be sold to you as it should be; fresh and full of flavour.

From our shop in Crediton, we sell everything you will need to make the perfect cup of Speciality Coffee and everything that complements the experience, from cafetieres to espresso machines.

Since only 2% of mainstream coffee meets the standards of our shop, it’s likely that you will be trying Speciality Coffee for the very first time.


You’re in for a real treat.

In Store
Coffee Roasting


Crediton Coffee is first and foremost a roaster. But rather than setting up in an industrial area we decided to bring back the traditional in-store coffee roaster.

This means that not only can you come to our shop for a cup of coffee or to buy a bag of beans you can also see the roaster in action, you can smell the fresh coffee and also understand more of what goes into producing that delicate warming black gold: Coffee.

All of our coffee is sourced through a specialist importer, we work very closely through them to communicate and work with the farms that we are buying from, that way we can ensure that the product we are sourcing has met our very high ethical standards.



Crediton Coffee Company was founded in 2011. Having seen the excellent quality of food, beer and cider produced in Devon and the similarly high standard of food and drink served in Devon's shops, pubs, restaurants and cafes, we produce freshly roasted beans daily from our shop in the Market Square of Crediton.

We are passionate about the drive towards improving coffee quality through education and information exchange with our customers - coffee drinkers and brewed coffee retailers such as cafes, hotels & restaurants.

Crediton Coffee Company purchased an in-store coffee roaster from the established firm of Diedrich Roasters based near Seattle in the USA.


This recreates the ability for in-store artisan roasting of small batches of specialty coffees stocked from around the world ensuring that the beans are always roasted fresh and to the best profile for each coffee.


This brings out the flavours and other qualities of the individual coffees.

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